Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 
This quote is making me happy this morning. Reminders like this nice to read, and often. :)

Really interesting article about back pain and how some cultures have zero back pain issues. Must be nice (especially with age, am I right?)!

This pin is speaking my language!

Check out the world's most remarkable trees. Pure magic.

Life lessons from Nick Miller. He's my favorite character on "New Girl."

I need this mug. Perfect for back porch coffee time. :)

Advice for those in their 30's. 
My truths: #1, #5, #6, #14, #18, and #35. I need to get better at #2, #16, #21, #23, and #24.

Liz Lemon is the best. #myhero

Lover's Point in California. Bucket list addition. 

Incredible letter to all men from one of my favorites. I totally agree on her stance on what makes a man sexy...and guess what? It's not apathy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
I'm in LA next week for E3 and looking forward to seeing my friend, Lily!

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