Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! 
Thankfully it'll be a short week since our company gives us 2 vacation days around the July 4th holiday! This weekend was a great one - filled with so many friends, great food, and down time. 
The best part about the CSA in the summer is the huge tomatoes! Well that, and the fresh fruit. Tomato sandwiches are a classic southern staple.
It felt so great to get back in the gym...I had really missed my Friday night Zumba classes.  

 After the gym, I met up with a bunch of friends at Midway Pub to watch the US vs. China Women's World Cup game. I immediately killed my workout with these veggie dogs (for the record, I didn't eat all of them and they are small :))!
 On Saturday, after cleaning the house + mowing the lawn, I went over to my sister's house with my mom to see their new house and see their 4-day-old kittens! Cuteness overload!

Afterwards, I headed to my dear friends' house (Chanel + Jan) to celebrate their little boy Henry's 3rd birthday and meet their little girl Evelyn! As always, the party was incredible and the pirate theme was so fun! It was great to catch up with so many old friends.

 On Sunday, my best friend Beth met me at the gym at 8 AM for spin class. I had never been to a spin class before and it was great having her there to show me the ropes. It was a great workout and I feel so lucky to have a best friend who enjoys doing stuff like this with me! She made the point that we've been working out together intermittently for over 10 years when we used to go dance at the YMCA in Athens together! I'm so lucky. We came home and had coffee on the back porch and it was lovely. 
 I had asked a few of our closest friends to come over for a last minute brunch to celebrate my upcoming birthday...honestly though, I would have used any excuse to get these folks together! Anna and Victor got me a flower plant and the new Aziz Ansari book, "Modern Romance!"

The food spread was amazing. Everyone brought a dish: we had breakfast casserole, banana muffins, fruit salad, and home fries. We also had mimosas and beermosas (keeping it classy)! I even broke out some china that we got from J's grandparents.

 Little man Jake stole the show and he was so good despite being passed around constantly! :)

 The ladies ♥

With all of the rain and sunshine lately, we've had some glorious sunsets. How crazy is this destruction of the church down the street? So sad - I loved that old steeple.

After the brunch and taking a walk, I went over to my friend Amy's house for her birthday celebration (Cancer signs are the best!) and got to see some friends and meet new ones! Amy is the cutest and so is her dog, Bacon. My friend Johnny sure is a lucky guy :)
Overall, it was a busy weekend, but one filled with so many loved ones and fun. Summertime is the best time...hands down! How was your weekend?

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