Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

So this is from a few weekends ago and the garden beds are thriving from so much rain! I love tracking the weekly growth! We got a new Buddha to watch over the veggies. :)
This year's first jalapeno! Reminds me of my favorite cheesy joke: "Why are peppers so nosy? Because they are always jalapeno business" LOL.
Although Townes has always been the sweetest dog, he's become way more attached lately. He follows me everywhere and just wants to lay with me...it's lovely!
On Friday night, we went to Iberian Pig with the in-law's. The food wasn't very vegetarian-friendly, but the cheese plate was great.

For dessert, ice cream! 
The new normal is taking Townes to play in the creek with the weather being in the high 90's in ATL. He loves this log and playing with his ball. 
On Saturday night, we cooked dinner (aka a feast) for Victor and Anna. We made vegan crab cakes (from Whole Foods and they are amazing), grilled asparagus, sweet potato, and cheese grits. It was nice having cheese grits the next morning with breakfast too!
Like the rest of the world, we went and saw "Jurassic World" on IMAX and it was awesome! I had low expectations, but really enjoyed it. Crazy that it had the highest-grossing weekend globally ever.
On Sunday, I headed to Los Angeles for the E3 conference. I stayed at The Standard Hotel downtown. It was very trendy, but the rooms were almost too trendy (aka not-practical). 

My friend, Lily, picked me up and took me to Good Times At Davey Waynes. It's a bar that you access in a vintage shop and you have to enter through a refrigerator door. 
Afterwards, we had an awesome dinner at Bar Ama - we shared brussel sprouts, sweet potato, a veggie tostada, and some chips with queso. 

We ended the night at Salt&Straw for ice cream. Lily went with the seasonal street food flavors and I went with the classics since it was my first time there. 
LA sure does has some great food and people :) It's always so nice to see such a friendly face when you are away from home...Thanks Lily!

How was your weekend?


  1. Love these pictures! That was so fun, come back soon!!

    1. It was so fun - thanks to you! So glad I got to see you and catch up. Long overdue! xo


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