Friday, September 24, 2010

earth from above

[copenhagen, denmark]

a great friend of mine recently sent out this link showing images taken by the aerial photographer yann arthus-bertrand during a five-year airborne adventure across six continents. every picture is absolutely captivating and gave me the itch to travel [for personal trips] again!


[tasmania, australia]

[amazon river, brazil]

[machu picchu, peru]

this picture actually gave me goosebumps since i was just there with j and my best friend earlier this year. if you've never been to machu picchu, please put it on your "must do" list because it will change your life.

i can't believe we're traveling in about a few weeks to go to australia! granted part of my time there has to be spent working and i won't get to see my best friend [i'll be on the wrong coast], but i feel so lucky to be able to take j with me! i think the plan is that j will try surfing while i'm in my conference - how cool is that?

where's your next trip to? if you could go to any of the places photograhped by arthus-bertrand, which one would you pick?

1 comment:

  1. SO jealous of your trip to Australia! J and I want to go so badly. I can't wait for pictures!


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