Thursday, September 30, 2010

world vegetarian day!

guess what tomorrow is? october 1 is the annual kickoff of vegetarian awareness month!

j and i have been vegetarian for almost 3 years and it is a cause very dear to our hearts. when we first became vegetarian, we were really just seeing if it was something we could do and our plans were to eventually eat organic meat periodically [i.e., rarely] because we figured if people could just eat less meat, then the demand would go down which would lower the need and possibly improve animal welfare. however, after doing just a tiny bit of research, we knew we could never go back to eating meat. most people don't know [or want to know] what happens to the animals that are raised for meat. it's not just how these animals die that is atrocious, but how they live.

if you've ever considered becoming vegetarian [or at least trying to consume less meat], please check out this link to learn more!

in the meantime, below are some ways that becoming vegetarian can help save the world!

for all you meat-eaters, you can go to the website and pledge to go meat-free for one day and win prizes even. you may even realize how easy and tasty being vegetarian can be! if every single person gave up meat for even just one day, it would be revolutionary. so please do your part tomorrow!

i will say that the vegetarian lifestyle is something that i am so proud to be living every day. plus more restaurants are growing their vegetarian-friendly menus all the time.

lastly, if you would like more information on the factory farming industry and exactly what you are feeding your family and yourself, please read "eating animals" by jonathan safran foer [who also wrote "everything is illuminated" and "extremely loud and incredibly close"]. as a soon-to-be father who will be responsible for his child's life and health, he decides to take a deeper look into what he will feeding his child. what he finds is absolutely shocking and will blow you away. the book even helps give options for those not wanting to adopt the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

regardless you deserve to know what you're eating so please stop turning a blind eye to what happens behind the scenes of the food on your dinner table. if you don't do it for yourself, your partner, or your children, who will?


  1. eating animals was a way more interesting read than i thought it would be. i don't think i will ever go fully vegetarian but i am very happy to be eating significantly less meat than i used to now that i'm no longer living with a meat eater. it's given me the opportunity to realize that i am happy without meat for the most part, i just like to treat myself every now and then, a few times a month or so, to meat raised sustainably at local farms. i also just learned recently about the toxic chemical dioxin, which is bioaccumulative and higher levels of it show up in meat eaters, so that is another reason to go vegeterian.

  2. julia! i totally agree with liking the book more than i thought i would. i was scared he'd be too "pro-vegetarian" which would scare people off, but i thought he was pretty informative without being too judgemental (even for people who are vegetarian and not fully vegan). if most people who love meat could adopt a diet like yours, we'd be in a MUCH better situation as a whole. happy friday! xo


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