Tuesday, September 14, 2010

wake up

the alarm clock that j has had since high school is no longer cutting it. some of the lines of the digital clock have died so it's impossible to tell what the correct time is and the harsh alarm bell have helped push me over the edge.

i've always loved the look of a vintage clock but the lack of snooze creates a problem since i've been known to hit it sometimes 4x per morning. if i went with a retro clock, it'd definitely be this clock from pottery barn:

for a slightly more modern look, but same vintage feel, i love this clock from westclox:

however, after looking around, i have decided to go with the moonbeam clock from llbean! we're getting it in grey and i can't wait. i love that you have your choice of a "gently illuminating LED light, a bell sound or a combination of the two" to wake you up in the AM. most importantly is it has a snooze feature and a battery backup! it also comes in a variety of colors.

now i just need to figure out how to get rid of the need for an alarm clock. if only the sun could be my natural wake up every morning (i.e., sleeping in).

all this thought about waking up just makes me realize that it's time for bed soon so i'm not dead in the morning. goodnight! ♥

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  1. you might be surprised. for years and years i used an alarm clock with a snooze button and had a terrible time waking up every morning. recently i got a little battery powered alarm clock instead with just one alarm - like the kind i used all through childhood & high school. after all, it worked for me then, and it is working for me now. i don't let myself fall back into deep sleep when the alarm goes off, i more just lay there and slowly force myself to wake up. having more sunlight in my new bedroom definitely helps too.


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