Friday, September 3, 2010

zuri at the zoo

last weekend we kept my youngest niece natalie. she's 5 years old and just started kindergarden so we needed to celebrate! we decided to spend the day at the zoo! the weather was wonderful and she hadn't been in a few years. our first stop was at the flamingos - which were so cute and natalie's favorite colors: pink and black!

then we headed over to feed the parakeets. they were so cute and colorful.

it was an exciting day to be at the zoo that particular day! first of, they finally named the new baby giraffe! they named the little girl zuri and they had a HUGE cookie cake to celebrate. secondly, a rattlesnake had escaped from the reptile world and the zoo couldn't find it. thankfully they didn't tell everyone and send people into panic and more so, thankfully no one found it the hard way. sadly the zoo found it off-site a few days later dead.

how dang cute is zuri? that's her and her dad. hard to believe she's barely over a month old!

i was really in love with the gorillas. there was this one relaxing in a hammock and his actions were so similar to humans that it made me so sad to see them in captivity.

natalie loved the animal statues around the park.

my other favorite was the baby panda. i don't think i've ever wanted to hug an animal as much! sorry for the glass glare in the pictures.

and lastly, here's my favorite animal from the day!


  1. Oh my gosh...I just want to eat Natalie up. She is so freaking adorable! Btw, Caleb loves the "pink mamingos" too:)


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