Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fall time decor

although we didn't have any trick-or-treaters last year (fingers crossed that this year is different), we still can't wait to decorate the house for fall. halloween and thanksgiving are such fun holidays and happen during the best season of the year.

i decided that the first thing we needed was a wreath for the front door. i got together all of the materials:
- vine wreath
- autumn silk flowers
- white pumpkin accessory
- orange and yellow ball twig accessory (?)
- acorns from our oak tree
- hot glue gun
- wreath door hook

of course i forgot to take pictures of the process - i was too busy helping my niece make her own wreath that was going to be an autumn wreath but instead had hot pink butterflies and pink and black ribbon everywhere. it made her smile and that's all i care about [well that and kept her occupied for a few minutes].

however, i did take a before and after picture of our front door.



finally a close up of our new wreath:

it may not be the best wreath in the world but it makes me smile when i pull into the driveway and again, that's all i care about.

we have some other more halloween-esque decorations in the works that i'll be sharing shortly! what decorations are your favorite for this time of year? please share!

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