Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cake topper

i can't believe our one-year wedding anniversary is less than a month away. i will never forget our wedding and how wonderful it was; however, it's awfully nice to be past that adventure and on to the next one (especially in terms of the stress levels i had last year at this time). i have been asking j if he'd like me to have our simple one-tiered wedding cake (which we only used it to cut during the reception) recreated to eat on our anniversary, but we haven't decided whether or not we will just yet.

here is a close up the cake we had and the banner i made for it.

i also wanted to share our amazing cake topper with you all. we got this adorable, personalized cake topper from etsy seller, melabo. she was absolutely fabulous and i would definitely suggest buying one of her pieces. i couldn't have been more thrilled with the customization and care.

we will cherish this cake topper forever and hopefully we'll be able to pass it down for generations.

what did you use as a cake topper? was it passed down? handmade? i'd love to know! xo

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