Monday, August 30, 2010

urban picnic

one of my favorite things about portland is their food carts! when we went on our honeymoon down the west coast, we started in portland. the desk clerk at the ace hotel recommended that we check out the food carts and we decided it was a perfect fit since we wanted to see as much of the city as possible. we decided to get a "whole bowl" which is brown rice, red and black beans, fresh avocado, salsa, black olives, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and their special tali sauce.

sadly for us southerners in atlanta, street food vendors were not allowed; therefore, a wonderful non-profit called the atlanta street food coalition has been striving to "campaign for safe, affordable, and legal access to street food". the atlanta street food coalition teamed up with slow food atlanta to host a monthly urban picnic. this monthly urban picnic is held at the sweet auburn market in downtown atlanta.

as you pull into the market, there are tons of food carts, food trucks, and food stands with all sorts of great different foods. whether you're in the mood for korean bbq, burritos, soups, pizza, pimento cheese and toast, or popsicles - the urban picnic has it all. i am such a supporter of local food and local businesses and this is the perfect culmination. i definitely hope that we can get food carts all over atlanta in the near future!

i had the bell street burritos and loved it! they totally sucked me in with the "for those who miss tortillas" tagline. bell street burritos delivers burritos from decatur to the west end every monday night so for those who don't want to cook on those first days back to work, you should defintiely hit up bell street burritos!

i believe the last urban picnic for the summer is next month so if you haven't had to chance to come out yet, definitely try to next month! you will not be disappointed. plus, just the king of pops's popsicles is as good of a reason as any!

i'm off to travel to good ol' texas today. i'll be there for almost the whole week for work. too bad i never get to go any fun (or anywhere that is vegetarian-friendly for that matter), but i'll try and make the best of it!

happy get-back-into-the-grind day!

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