Thursday, August 12, 2010


as promised, here are some picture of our newly revamped bedroom! please forgive the bad quality of some of the pictures (our camera was dying to i took them very quickly). we still have to get a new duvet cover and pillows, but we LOVE it. technically this is our first big furniture purchase outside of ikea. i will never go back to a platform bed again. i know it's mental, but having a bigger and taller bed instantly made the bed a million times more comfortable. the only downside is having to get out of it every morning!

thankfully it's now friday because that means we get to sleep in tomorrow!

this weekend will be pretty laid back. tonight we're possibly doing dinner with my parents to give them a thank you gift for the wedding (yes, it was almost a year ago). tomorrow is our friend's birthday celebration. sunday will be just the two of us before i have to travel for work early next week.

i'm glad things are going to be somewhat slow this weekend since we have a lot of things coming up for the rest of august. i will enjoy this down time while i can.

any fun plans for the weekend? hope it is wonderful!

"people with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest" - george matthew allen


  1. Do you fall asleep every night listening to that Bill Hicks album?

  2. That room looks cozy!


    PS: I found your blog (and subscribed) via a comment you left on Young House Love

  3. @johnny - that's actually a lenny bruce album, but you know my thoughts about bill. sighs!

    @eric! thank you so much for reading! can't wait to check our your blog too!


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