Friday, August 6, 2010

my favorite place

this is my new vintage (is that an oxy moron?) find! i got it at an antique booth market called "my favorite place," and let me tell you that it truly is my favorite place. irony maybe? anyways, i got it for $1.25! we added the bambo and string to hang it and i absolutely love it! it now graces the hallway leading into our guest room. hopefully it will put a smile on the faces of our friends who stay with us.

if you've never been to "my favorite place" off of peachtree industrial, i would recommend checking it out. you can find some wonderful items at great prices, but make sure you go on a day when you're alone or feeling patient.

i am so happy the weekend is here! we got our new bed set up (i'll post some pictures soon) and have been sleeping so well! it's amazing how just having a taller bed with a box spring makes you feel instantly like an adult - i can't decide if that's good or bad.

this weekend we are hopefully going over to our close friends' house to participate in their yard sale! i just have to try to leave without buying anything! then a date with my best friend to go to lunch and hiking - i can't believe she's leaving so soon to move to pittsburgh for school. i am so proud of her, but the south will be awfully lonely without her [or atleast i know i will be]. then on sunday, we're going to j's parents to swim and cookout! this summer has been so hot and humid, that i can't wait to be in the pool! it will be nice to take a break and just relax.

anyways, any other fun plans this weekend? hope you all stay out of the heat!

p.s. after my ukelele lesson yesterday, this is my assignment!!!

i can't wait for sasha to visit and play this song with me ♥

have a great weekend! xoxo

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