Thursday, August 12, 2010


to follow up from yesterday's "paper cuts" post. this is our jack wittenbrink print that adorns our art room wall.

"happiness bought with unpaid lazy hours well spent not with money pilfered, earned, or lent"

this message is really hitting home with me these days. the happiest moments in my life are those that don't cost a penny. for instance, dancing in the kitchen with j while we cook breakfast, cookouts with friends, watching the birds in our yard, playing my ukelele, swimming, and laying around in our new bed reading.

i just really wish we had more time to do the things we enjoy most. it's cruel and ironic how once you get older and finally have the money to do more things, you don't have the time. there has to be a better balance, don't you think? now just finding the middle ground is the hard part.

what steps do you take to find a healthy balance? is it even possible these days?

i sure hope so.


  1. my ex put too much weight on spending money to bring happiness. that's not me. i don't care about fancy dinners or vacations, just good old spending time with friends and in the outdoors. i have something fun planned to do almost every day after work these days and i'm way happier now. i might get tired if life keeps moving at this pace for a while though. ;-)

  2. i couldn't agree more julia! it is all about loved ones and being outside. good luck keeping up with all the fun but enjoy it!! life is too short not to <3


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