Thursday, August 5, 2010

open mic

last night, my coworker's husband was doing his first open mic comedy night so we all headed up to the vortex's laughing skull lounge. we all were so excited for him since it's always been his dream to do stand up and it was his first time - i love it when people take the risk for their bucket list.

after we grabbed some burgers (black bean burgers for j and me) and fried zuchinni (yum!) we headed into the comedy lounge. i couldn't believe how packed it was! the mix of comedians was very interesting. some really great acts and some that were - well...not so great. jen's husband was so good! his stage presence and delivery was better than most of the guys who'd been in the stand up circuit for years. i also randomally ran into my friend from college who was hands down the best act of the night! for $10, the open mic at the laughing skull is a must-do. plus you know it has to be good with images of bill hicks, lenny bruce, and andy kaufman outside.

after we got home, i couldn't wait to see what we'd gotten in our csa box. after eating all the fried food at the vortex, i was anxious to see what local produce we'd be eating this week. a lot of the standard summer items: corn, peaches, okra, and figs. too bad i've never eaten a fig before! i don't know what to even do with a fig if i'm honest; however, i definitely know what to do with that artisan cheddar cheese!

here are the goodies!

i can't believe today is only thursday. i thought it was friday all the way through lunch. only one more day until the weekend.

kind of sad i keep wishing my days away, isn't it?

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  1. Thanks so much for posting about Dave's open mic night! We're so lucky to have great friends who were there for support!


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