Tuesday, August 10, 2010

not ready

isn't funny how all the wedding blogs that i read while planning my wedding are now all about babies? i understand that a lot of people are in different places when they get married so babies follow suit shortly after the i do's, but i'm glad to have time to just enjoy with j before we think about having babies.

with that being said, although i am not ready for a baby, all the baby items that i'm exposed to on said blogs make me really want to decorate for one. that's weird, isn't it? oh well.

j's childhood antique post twin bed is still sitting in his room at his parents and his mom has already promised that we can use it once we have a kid. it's going to be so cute.

this is one of the favorite baby rooms i've seen and truth-be-told, i really just want a grown up version for myself. for instance, i want that swing bed on a porch (just ignore the fact that i don't have a porch).

[image via iheartbaby]

do any of you find yourself wanting to decorate for a baby just minus the baby part? hopefully i'm not alone on this!

i think this just reiterates that i need a dog. badly. ♥

1 comment:

  1. I don't want a baby, but that room is awesome! I really like that rug!


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