Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Antiquing Adventurers

We had some really good finds this weekend at local flea markets and shops in Madison. 
We got some great cups and this new burlap table runner with old keys stamped on it for our dining room hutch (see above) at J+K Fleas An'Tiques

Then we went to In High Cotton in downtown Madison. Initially J waited outside with Townes, but they actually allow dogs inside (a MAJOR perk of country stores)! 
Their store is so beautiful and their styling is great. I just enjoyed looking around at all of their great items - so many great things for gifting as well (especially with the holiday season coming up so soon)!
How cool is this lighting? It would look perfect above a big farmhouse dining room table! Definitely a DIY-inspiration!
 We ended up buying a bottle opener, handmade blackbird ornament, and a jaw harp for j. We love the bottle opener in the kitchen - it adds some more color and a vintage feel.

What are your favorite antique shops?

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