Friday, October 12, 2012


We had the best anniversary this week! On Wednesday, we went on a run together (lots of hills, but felt great) and then went to the new Irwin Street Bell Street Burritos location. Dinner was awesome (the guacamole was insanely delicious) and I had a handsome date if I do say so myself!
We came home and exchanged our gifts. J + I decided to use the traditional wedding gift themes, but we try to make them unique (see the 1st year paper and 2nd year cotton ideas). The third year is leather which we weren't thrilled about. I have tried to make him something each year, but I struggled with this theme.
I ended up getting J these custom leather travel tags from Etsy. I loved the quote and figured they'd be perfect for our future adventures. I also got him a wildflower mix, some ties, and 2 books that I hope he'll love. J spoiled me with an amazing silver bangle with a secret message engraved inside (!), an amazing belt, a canvas print (look familair?), leather origami, bookmark, iPhone case stickers (he thought they were cases), and some poems he wrote for me printed on leather! he is so incredible and i am so lucky! 
J had the best surprise gift ever and really outdid himself - he booked us a night at The Farmhouse Inn where we got married 3 years ago (the altered version of our wedding invitation was inside the card)! We are able to bring Townes too...I cannot wait to enjoy the farm together! We will wish everyone could be there with us again though.

I am so happy that it's Friday! J is starting the Southern Odyssey Relay race today. I am so proud of him! Although I will miss seeing him (he won't be home until later tomorrow afternoon). Good luck honey!

Tonight I have a girls' night date with my dear friends Divya and Beth. Then tomorrow, a pup date with a new friend. I'm really looking forward to it! Then I'm sure J will need some recovery time on Saturday night! Sunday we are planning on brunch with some of our best friends. Should be a blast.

Hope you all have a magical weekend!

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