Monday, October 29, 2012

Howlers + Hurricanes

With Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to make sure we spent as much time as possible doing Halloween-themed stuff this past weekend. We were so excited to have my youngest niece come and spend the night so we could really do it up for the holiday!

The weather was incredible so we took long walks, played on the playground, and tried to determine which yard in our neighborhood had the best Halloween decorations. Natalie chose the yard with all of the blow up decorations below.

We had a great Mexican dinner (we all OD'd on cheese dip). We ended the night making Halloween funfetti cupcakes (and a small cake for my dad's birthday) while enjoying the chiminea on the back porch. 

On Saturday, we broke out our waffle maker that we've had for years and never used (I'm pretty sure I inherited it from my college roommates somehow when we moved away). The waffles were a huge success and per Natalie, she now wants them every time she sleeps over. We even had extra waffles that we froze and can enjoy for breakfast this week!

After a lazy morning, we headed to Stone Mountain and made a pit stop at the Village Corner German restaurant. They actually had some great vegetarian options and a wonderful outdoor patio. Next stop was the playground in Stone Mountain Park and a short hike.
 We had planned on going to the Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival, but it was very expensive and we didn't have enough time to really take full advantage so we grabbed some pumpkins at the local grocery store and came home to carve them. We listened to J's Halloween mix and drank apple cider (with our new flea market find cups from our Madison anniversary trip) while we carved our howling wolves pumpkin!

The finished pumpkin! We'll have to get a better shot of this on the front porch. We made some awesome roasted pumpkin seeds with cayenne too!

We ended the weekend celebrating my dad's birthday with the whole family (minus my 2 older nieces). Happy birthday dad! We love you so much!
We enjoyed a nice dinner and some good laughs. The restaurant even brought out 4 desserts on the house so there was no room for the birthday cake once we got home, but hopefully dad enjoys it!
 Hope everyone had a nice weekend and stayed warm! 
We had to bundle up last night because our power went out, but it was a nice treat having a reason to cuddle up under tons of blankets and sit with the candlelight. 

For all those in Hurricane Sandy's path, be safe!

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