Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ladies Weekend

 This past weekend was so wonderful. I made an extra effort to make the most of my time since J was away running his relay race (he did so well - I couldn't be more proud! He ran a total of 17.5 miles in a span of 36 hours without much food or sleep. So happy he finished and had the experience)!

Friday night I got to have dinner with two lovely ladies. We went for Cuban food at Havana (you know it's good when my parents have eaten at their restaurant locations for over 30 years). Then we headed over to the 57th Fighter restaurant. We sat by their outdoor fire pits and had some drinks while watching the planes fly in to Peachtree Dekalb airport. So lucky to have these wonderful friends!
 On Saturday I had the best time with a new friend! We have crossed paths so many times over the years and she even went to high school with J. We finally hung out and introduced our pups and it was so fun. It's incredible how much we have in common (we even got married on the exact same day)! Can't wait to hang out again - it's so great to meet new friends. I also got to see a close friend in town from Belgium this weekend and she brought me some chocolates - they are so good, but so sinful! 

When J got home from his race, we enjoyed some pizza for dinner (he needed the carbs)! He was exhausted so he fell asleep pretty early - bless his heart. Townes was so happy to have his dad home.
On Sunday we went to brunch at Sun In My Belly with our best friends. For the record, they have the BEST sweet tea ever! We stopped by Revolution Doughnuts afterwards - so good!  We then ran some errands and bought a chiminea - we cannot wait to enjoy it as it gets colder outside. For dinner we made our friend's cream of mushroom soup recipe and enjoyed just being together.

Life is so sweet these days.

"Be true to your work, your word, and your friend" - Henry David Thoreau


  1. Nicole, I've spent the morning meandering through your blog, and I love it! You have such a great attitude, and you and Jason have are one of the sweetest couples. I want to comment on everything - but I won't! I'll just say that it's so refreshing to see someone appreciating the small things in life, and I'm glad you're sharing these moments with everyone here. Just reading your posts has relaxed and inspired me. Thanks for that!

    1. You just made my morning. Thank you so much Stephanie! I definitely have harder days but I want to be able to look bad on the good ones :)

      Miss you sweet lady!


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