Monday, October 8, 2012

My Buddy

Timing is a funny thing.
 Last night we celebrated my sweet MIL's birthday with fun yard games and a cookout (loaded with tons of vegetables)! My SIL is studying sign language right now (she studies Music Ed and Music Therapy and hopes to work with blind and deaf students one day). 
She was educating me last night on the deaf culture and it was all so fascinating. 

While cooking dinner, we were discussing how deaf people can hold your vocal cords while you sing to "hear" you. Isn't that beautiful?

When we got home, we watched Boardwalk Empire (our favorite) and despite the violence, the episode ended with the most beautiful scene ever. Al Capone sneaks into his deaf son's room in the middle of the night (following a very violent scene, of course) and plays him the song My Buddy. His son is cuddled behind him holding on to his throat to "hear" his singing. Cue the tears.

It's funny that without the discussions with Lauren, I may have just thought that he was cuddling his father's neck. Go figure! If you don't watch the show, I definitely recommend it!

Also, you can check out the song, My Buddyhere!

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