Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend Recap

 I'm so grateful that last weekend was a busy one, but incorporated lots of down time!

On Friday evening, after a stressful work week, I went to my favorite Zumba Toning class and then came home to make a delicious dinner: eggplant parmigiana and sauteed spinach. After dinner (and a nice, long shower), J + I spent a quiet night in. It was really nice!

On Saturday morning, breakfast included a family favorite: scrambled tofu (I love me some nutritional yeast, despite how gross it sounds LOL) with sauteed spinach, guacamole, and some fresh salsa. I also had a bowl of papaya, honeydew melon, and strawberries from the farmers market.

After breakfast, I went to pick up Natalie so we could go to the zoo (her request on her birthday). It was a little chilly but at least it was pretty sunny outside. My favorite animals were the giraffes, lions, panda bears (the twins!), and the elephants. I love all of the birds too! 

Really appreciated the sign above - about how people are the world's most dangerous creatures. Although I'm not a huge fan of zoo's and animals in captivity, Zoo Atlanta did a great job of calling out the bad and tragic animal practices that occur every day. For instance, they had the cages used to hold sun bears in China for farmers to get the bear's bile for profit and stressed what a horrible life those poor bears experience.
The twin sister pandas were adorable. They are currently being weened from their mama so they spend a lot of the day away from her, but we got to see them move into the pin with their mama at the end of the day. They were so lovable!
Such a fun day! It's so insane to see how fast Natalie is growing up. I wish I could stop time sometimes!
After the zoo, we headed to the park to celebrate Townes's 6th "birthday." We got him 4 years ago exactly and since they said he was 1-2 years old, we just said he was 2 then...therefore, we're calling him 6! He's such a joy and I can't imagine life before him. We're so lucky to have him! To celebrate, we bought cookies for him (his is a fancy dog treat so not a true chocolate cookie, despite the appearance) and a massive cookie (sugar cookie with sprinkles) for Natalie!

On Sunday morning, we took a nice long walk before the rain came to the nature preserve in our neighborhood. We're so lucky to be able to enjoy the creek, marshes, and bamboo forests. 

We ended the day at the playground before having to take Natalie home.

Like most of the country, we ended the weekend by watching the Super Bowl. We mainly just used it as an excuse to make spinach + artichoke dip and our infamous BBQ tofu sliders with coleslaw on hawaiian rolls.

Hope your weekend was a great one!

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