Tuesday, October 26, 2010

adventures downunder

warning: this is a huge picture post!

on our 1 year wedding anniversary, j and i headed to australia! we were a bit nervous about the long trip (3 different flights totalling roughly 28 hours EACH way), but we made it! we left sunday around 5:00 PM from georgia and got into brisbane around 9:30 AM on tuesday!

while driving to the gold coast from brisbane, it was raining! we have had the worst luck this past year with unseasonable rain. although the weather was not very pleasant, after checking in at our hotel, we immediately headed to the beach. the beach was closed and the water was so choppy and dark. it was so crazy because all of the choppy water was causing huge piles of foam on the beach - i had never seen anything like it!

at least the sun did come out for a bit! we had some falafel wraps for lunch - yumm! poor j accidentally spilt his whole coca cola in his lap, but at least it gave us a good laugh, right honey?

below is the room and our view:

sadly i had to work 2 of the days we were there at a conference but j at least got to walk the beach, catch up on some reading, and even swim! he said the current in the ocean felt like a river. he also watched some of the chilean miners' rescues.

on our last day there (the best day by far) we took a day excursion to the hinterland. first we visited tropical fruit world. the yellow dragonfruit was incredible!

the views were breathtaking. the tallest peak in the background is the volcano mt. warning.

the below pictures were taken at the state border between queensland and new south wales:

then we headed into springbrook national park to see 5 different waterfalls and a natural arch bridge. we loved these strangler fig trees!

isn't he just so dang cute? ♥

we actually got to see a wallabee in the woods after we ate lunch at the springbrook manor. it's easier to see if you zoom in!

that's the gold coast in the distance!

we had the best day and even got to sit on the beach that afternoon! it was a bit too windy (for me at least) to get in but we got to see lots of surfers and get a feel for what the beach is like when it's not raining.

although it's exciting that we now have been to 4 of the 7 continents, we definitely want to go back and see more (don't worry kel, we'll come to perth next time). it was a fun trip but since it was still a work trip for me and i had to spend time away from j, it wasn't the best trip to date; however, it was a great adventure and i'm even thankful for the 56 hours spent just in transit with my wonderful husband.

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