Thursday, October 21, 2010

oh my god

anyone who knows j and me knows that we watch documentaries nonstop. j recently added the documentary oh my god by peter rodger to our netflix queue and when it first arrived, i must admit that my desire to watch it was very small; however, once we started watching it, i was instantly captivated.

the film is about asking people all over the world - "what is god?" peter rodger interviews everyone from celebrities, children, religious and political leaders, atheists, and the common person.

the movie was very powerful and very surprising. i thought it was interesting that the film pointed out that every single war in history has been fought over two things: land and religion. i think it's shocking that fundamentally all religions share the same opinions on compassion and love, yet their separate ideas of god cause tension, anger, and worst of all - death and war.

i was thankful that we watched this documentary the night before the "creative journey" panel with the dalai lama, richard gere, and alice walker, because although the theme was creativity and spirituality, the conversation revolved a great deal around compassion for others and the way that various cultures view things differently.

for instance, richard gere was telling this story about this photography show that he had done with black and white photos from his travels in tibet. while walking around, the dalai lama pulled him aside and pointed to a photo with a blurred motion shot of people walking that richard gere was very fond and proud of. the dalai lama pointed to the picture and said "bad - very bad." they then discussed how for buddhists, life is about clarity and viewing everything in it's completely natural state, whereas for westerners, art is about being able to alter or shape reality. maybe it's synonymous with religion for easterners vs. westerners (please notice that i said maybe). either way, i thought it was so interesting that there is no comparable word for creativity in the tibetan language.

anyways, i've been feeling super inspired since watching this film and seeing the dalai lama (just seeing him walk into the room brought me to tears). although i can't share the dalai lama experience with you, i'd love for you to check out "oh my god" and let me know your thoughts!

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"god is love" - ringo starr

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