Monday, October 18, 2010

creative jouney

so we're back from australia! we've survived the 18 hours of travel EACH way and are recovering from jetlag. i now totally understand the pain that my best friend kelly feels everytime she visits us here!

we ventured out to the gold coast in queensland, which is pretty much the ultimate australian beach town [i'd compare it to miami in the states]. amazing, right? well it would have been way more amazing if it wasn't unseasonably cold and rainy the whole time! j and i are becoming pretty notorious for traveling to beautiful places and getting the extremely random weather patterns - go figure!

once i get fully back to speed and catch up on some sleep, i'll share all of the details surrounding our trip: the hotel, the beach, our excursion to the hinterland, and some tips for traveling to australia.

in the meantime, tomorrow is going to be such an exciting day! we're going to see the dalai lama!!! he's speaking at emory tomorrow and we've been counting down the days for months! a few years ago, h.h. the dalai lama spoke at centennial park in downtown atlanta [about 50 feet from my office building] and after months and months of anxiously awaiting the event, i was told i had to travel for business that day and i missed it! even worse was that halfway to my meeting in indianapolis, the plane's automatic and manual pressure components failed so we had to turn around to atlanta because we didn't have enough gas to get us to our destination safely! so not only did i miss the event [j got to go at least and tell me about it] but i ended up back in atlanta that night and missed it for no reason!

needless to say, i was devastated and thought i'd never get the opportunity again to see the dalai lama, but at last the day has come! below are the details around the event we are attending:

"the creative journey: artists in conversation with the dalai lama about spirituality and creativity

how do the arts help us to express, or indeed to uncover, our spiritual yearnings and questions or certainties? what do the artist and the spiritual master have to teach each other from their respective disciplines? what is the role of tradition (or, conversely, iconoclasm) in maintaining or renewing art and spiritual life? is the human being innately spiritual, innately artistic?

internationally known humanitarian and award-winning actor richard gere will join pulitzer prize-winning author alice walker for "the creative journey: artists in conversation with the dalai lama on spirituality and creativity" at emory university on oct. 19."

i get goosebumps just thinking about it!

"love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. without them humanity cannot survive." - h.h. the dalai lama

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