Wednesday, October 27, 2010

first home ornament

we purchased our first home in february 2009 so last christmas, i was looking for an ornament to commemorate this huge milestone in our lives. we had seen this new home 2009 key ornament in hallmark, but since it was slightly expensive, i decided to pass and try to get it later on ebay. well here we are, almost a full year later, and i've had no luck at all. i can find plenty of 2008 (see below) and 2010 key ornaments, but the 2009 ornaments are wiped out. i guess that first-time home buyer tax credit really did help out the economy and get people in new homes and apparently they all bought ornaments to celebrate.

since i could not find one, i decided to make one. i had recently purchased some decorative skeleton keys from michael's and i figured they would work perfectly. i took the key and cut some paper into a strip, glued it in half around the key and then cut out a triangle from the tip of the paper to look more like a flag.

then i used a pencil to curl the end of the flag.

i used some twine to be able to hang the ornament:

and voila! it may not look as good but it is handmade and made with love. i am still trying to figure out if i should shellac the flag to make it more firm and stable.

either way, i can't wait to look back at this ornament 20 years from now and remember when we bought our first home and all the happy memories. ♥


  1. haha i have those SAME keys from michaels! they were on sale for a dollar so i bought about 20! love them! there are so many great things you can do with them :)

  2. Way to go Nichole. It looks better than the Hall
    Mark one. And it has more sentimental value!!!
    Will Shellac do the trick? I think I would have Laminated it. To each her own...
    You did that Ornament Proud... Congratulations.
    Virginia Massey


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