Friday, October 29, 2010

weekend warriors and worriers

i know this is kind of late considering we're now heading into a new weekend, but last weekend was absolutely lovely. the weather was perfectly warm, yet crisp. after not being home the last two weekends, a lazy weekend was long overdue.

we went and saw a movie with some of our closest friends [who are currently house hunting - so exciting and stressful] and then we spent some time in the hammock. if hammocks were more common place, i think people would generally be happier. not a bad view, huh? we also grilled out together and had veggie burgers, corn on the cob, and grilled peppers with feta!

the next morning, we headed up to vogel state park with j's family to visit his grandparents who camp out there every year. it was a perfect day and on the way up, we stopped at sunrise groceries. we got some pumpkins, boiled peanuts, and apple cider. there is nothing better - hands down!

once we got into vogel, we took a stroll around the lake to enjoy the weather and changing leaves' colors. we didn't have a care in the world...

...until we ran into the sweetest beagle/ basset hound laying by the lake. he was so loving and well-mannered, but it became pretty obvious very quickly that something was missing - his owner. he looked a little older and he was not groomed. after asking around, we discovered that he [and a fellow partner in crime] are both strays who've been at the park for a while now. the ranger says that they have a shelter and food when they choose it. he also said that animal control had been called but had never come out.

we instantly starting feeling like we should bring the dog home with us, but realized it wouldn't really be fair to bring one home without the other. we wrestled with the idea all night and worried ourselves sick. we decided to make such a huge decision - to go from having zero pets to two, we'd need to get prepared and really figure out what would be best for the dogs. if the dogs are truly happy and taken care of, then it might be cruel to domesticize them, but if they are going to freeze in the winter or being taken away by animal control, maybe they'd like the spend the latter part of their lives with a couple who would love them. obviously we're still torn on what the "right" thing to do is.

what would you do in this situation? we could definitely use some sound advice. we've been torn since. we still need to call the ranger and get a better feel for the dogs' situation.

anyways - this weekend we're celebrating my dad's birthday, going to one of our best friend's halloween party, and going to the "ghastly dreadfuls" show at the center of puppetry arts! i'm so excited!

hope you have a spooooky and splendid halloween weekend!


  1. hmmm that is a tough one. i think it depends most of all on whether you have the time and money to give to two dogs. i don't know what your work situation is but after my dog experiences, i think the most important thing is to give dogs plenty of exercise so they don't get bored and take it out on destroying your home or going nuts. so you'd prob have to wake up early to run around with the dogs in the morning and evening, maybe check in with the dogs midday especially while they are adjusting to a new home, and figure out where it is safe in your home/yard for them to hang out during the day. if you need to pay for dog walks, food, vet visits, etc for two dogs that can add up. definitely find out as much as you can from the ranger about the dogs temperament with people, other dogs, how long they have been strays etc. good luck making this decision.

  2. I am SO glad you guys are going to the puppet show!

  3. @julia - thank you so much for your amazing advice! it means so much! we still haven't quite decided what would be the best and if we should try rescuing a dog that may not have another option. i'll keep you posted! xo

    @matt - it was awesome!!! thanks for the reminder!


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