Wednesday, October 27, 2010

happy birthday dad!

although you might be 60 years old today, don't let anyone tell you that you look a day over 52!

i am so lucky to have you as my dad and am so thankful for everything you've ever given me: a great love for music from the rat pack, wrinkle-free skin (well i'm crossing my fingers for this trait), rolling stones records, the most amazing wedding/ day of my life, more trips than i can remember to the caribbean, a strong work ethic, unconditional love and support, and a killer sweet tooth (wait, maybe i'm not so thankful for this one-haha)! obviously that's just barely the tip of the iceberg...

i love you so much and i know you'll overcome any obstacles currently in your path and that this will be your best year yet. although i never would have thought you'd become a vino - like a great wine, i think you just keep getting better with age. can't wait until when we can plan our next trip to NYC so you can show j the ropes and all the buildings and street corners from your youth - that's always the most fun!

hope you're day is absolutely wonderful and i can't wait to celebrate on friday!

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