Friday, October 1, 2010

no sleep til november!

[image via here]

yay for it being the weekend! double yay for it being october! i can't believe september rushed by so quickly. october is going to be a huge month, because there is so much going on:
- our one year wedding anniversary ♥
- our dear friends' wedding! it's going to be so beautiful!
- trip to the gold coast, australia [see above]
- dalai lama: the creative journey conference [tickets are still available!]
- dalai lama at centennial park [free speech]
- my dad's 60th birthday
- halloween!

i really can't wait for all that october has in store!

as for this weekend, we have someone coming out to fertilizer, aerate, and lay grass seed on our whole lawn today. i can't wait to have a yard that isn't all weeds and one that is perfect for picnics! fingers crossed. we are also looking into getting all of our windows replaced! lastly, we are going to the atl botanical garden and canoe for my mother-in-law's birthday. we haven't seen the canopy walk yet and the scarecrows are back up! should be a fun day, especially with this great weather. i also hope to get in some quality hammock time and catch up on some reading [and catch up on some jersey shore - don't judge].

stay gold! xo

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