Friday, October 22, 2010

feeling festive

i've always loved decorating for the holidays and halloween is definitely one of my favorites! we've been working on growing our decoration assortments for a few years, but we definitely still have a way to go. we already made a fall wreath (see post here) but i wanted to add some halloween touches to the inside of our house.

i took a chalkboard sign that i made for our wedding and wrote on it a "happy haunting" greeting (i should tell you that i realize this is pretty cheesy; however, my niece loved it and that's all that matters). i also accessorized with some black crows and i put some of the leftover materials from my wreath project and put them in a vase to add a bit more color. hmm...some cobwebs could make this space more fun!

i also bought some of the blood-dripping candles for our dining room table. j doesn't like how the wax looks more pink than red, but i think that it gets the idea across just fine.

now we just to get some pumpkins! we're going to north georgia this weekend on sunday to vogel state park and i'm hoping to pick up some pumpkins to carve this next week. i need to figure out what to carve this year!

here are some of our pumpkins from halloweens past:

halloween is just around the corner! yay!

1 comment:

  1. not cheesy at all! i make my own chalkboards too and i love it!


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