Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fight For It: Fitness Update

So I wanted to share some more regarding my health and appearance since I've been getting a lot of questions lately. Back in May, I shared my workout schedule and some of my favorite inspiration
I've received some of the sweetest compliments and messages of my life in the last few months while working on myself. I've been really focusing on treating my body and mind well and prioritizing the things I love. It's been amazing to see the changes in my body and clothes. Now my focus is on toning more so than just weight loss since I like my feminine curves! :)

The best thing I've found is that by having activities that I love, I don't want to make excuses to miss out. I also have noticed a change in my taste preferences. I don't crave as much sugar and have been craving fresh vegetables and fruit so that has definitely helped.

I use the Weight Watchers online mobile app to log my food and exercise so it really helps in keeping me accountable; however, at this point, I have a pretty solid mix of foods that I enjoy and I know are healthy. The biggest eye-opener when watching what you put in your body is portion size. It's amazing how most people will eat 2-3 portions of an item without noticing.

I've also tried really hard to bounce back quickly. With my job I travel a good bit and sometimes it's not easy to make the best meal decisions (especially when you don't get to pick the restaurant); however, as long as you allow yourself to enjoy yourself and then get back on track, you'll continue to be successful. 

 Feeling strong after my Friday night Zumba Toning class. Also feeling sweaty...
 I always enjoy long walks in the woods with Townes (going back to that whole finding something you love since I love being outside in the woods and being active). Music also keeps me moving (and dancing)!
I love this shirt, because it's a reminder to me to keep fighting to be the best version of myself that I can be! YOLO. Haha!
One of the most shocking (and wonderful) things while getting healthier has been the amazing support from family and friends (even friends I haven't seen in years have reached out to offer the sweetest words)! I've even had strangers compliment me! The fact that I've had a few people use the word "tiny" to describe me kind of blows my mind.

I'm surrounded by love: love from others, love for others, and love for myself. 
I feel really lucky. 

Regardless of your fitness level or body shape, remember to love yourself, keep going, and that "a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!"


  1. Third time trying to comment... you look incredible (always have). I'm so proud of you! I miss you so much!!

    1. That is so weird! Maybe I need to move to Wordpress (may need your help)! I love you so much and miss you! As you know, you're my inspiration and my best friend - your love and support means the world to me! xo


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