Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

It always blows my mind how quickly the weekend goes by. 
On Friday night, I spent some quality time with the pup and went to my favorite gym class. I had 3 different woman from class stop me at different times to tell me how great I looked and it felt really awesome (especially since I see these ladies every week basically)! 

Saturday, I went to the 8 AM Zumba class and then headed to my parents' house to hang out by the pool with my close friends, Anna and Carla. We had falafel + hummus pita wraps, greek salad, and watermelon for lunch and then just hung around the pool. We got lucky and had lots of sunshine and laughs. I'm so lucky to have wonderful friends in my life!

That night, I met up with Carla, her boyfriend, and their lovely friends at Twain's. I had such a great time with them all and was so thankful for more time with Carla! I even got to see my friend Trevor and meet his awesome girlfriend, Beth.

On Sunday, I finally got to see J for a little bit before heading to the airport. We took Townes and my parents' dog, Tabby, for a walk. I'm in LA for E3 all of this week for work. Jon Lovitz and Jenna Elfman
 were both on my flight. 

PS - first stop in LA, In-N-Out Burger!

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