Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was definitely a good one filled with some late nights + early mornings.
On Friday, my friend, Sarah, invited me out to a group dinner at Wrecking Bar Pub before going to the Star Bar to watch Clashinista, a Clash cover band. Sarah's birthday is the day before mine so it was an early birthday celebration too! One of my coworkers is actually in the band and they were awesome! They played most of my favorites, including: London Calling, Rudie Can't Fail, and Clampdown! It was somewhat of a late night with some great company, food, and people watching. Happy birthday, Sarah! 
 On Saturday, I had a date scheduled with my mom to do some birthday shopping. 
We went to North Point Mall, where I used to work the carousel (pictured below) in high school. Looking back, it made me remember how great the carefree days of working with all of my closest friends were; however, the circus music was still there (which was pretty awful). Anyways, I never go shopping so it was a bit of sensory overload, but we had a really nice time together. I'm so lucky to have my mom as a best friend, because she is so beautiful (inside + out) and she knows me better than anyone else. 

 After we went shopping, I spent some time at my parents' pool with my mom and sister. I had to test drive my new bikini! I also got to swim for a bit with my awesome niece, Natalie. She's got some killer back flip moves!

For dinner, J + I went to I Luv Pho on Buford Highway. It was my first time, but it was awesome!  They had amazing tofu spring rolls and their vegetarian Pho was packed with so many fresh vegetables.
They offer small, large, and extra large Pho bowls. I got a large, but you should have seen the extra large! I couldn't even finish the large so I can't imagine someone getting the extra large. Anyone up for the challenge?
We also got a mango smoothie and avocado smoothie - I personally recommend the avocado smoothie but without the tapioca!

Close up of the awesome veggie-loaded Pho!
On Sunday, J had to work at a conference all day so I headed back to my parents' house to spend the day by the pool. Hard life, huh?

We were supposed to do my birthday dinner, but due to J being downtown and my Dad and brother having to work late, the dinner is postponed; but they were sweet and didn't make me wait for my gifts :)
This picture cracks me up! I look ridiculously excited about my new LBD.
 Sunday night, I took Townes on a walk and he decided that he was not going to keep going. This is becoming the norm with all of the Georgia humidity sadly. I'm going to have to start hosing him down first and bringing lots of waters for our walks! Thankfully J was home and came to the rescue!
Pretty low key weekend, but really good to recharge, reflect, and get a tan! ;)

Kind of crazy that tomorrow I will be 30! Wish me luck!

Hope your weekend was a blast! I'd love to know what you did!


  1. You just get better with age! I really love that bikini too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm just going to say it - see you next month!!!! xoxo

    1. Thanks darling! Ditto! We're pretty awesome :) Eeek!! We can celebrate your birthday when I'm there!!! xox


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