Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Not Getting Older, I'm Getting Better

Today is my 30th birthday. 
I feel the best I've ever felt and the most inspired. I'm not afraid of aging - in fact it makes me think of a really important quote: "do not regret aging, it is a privilege denied to many." 

A few years ago, on my 28th birthday, I put together a list of 28 goals I'd like to achieve before turning 29. 
I feel proud that I was actually able to accomplish a good bit of them! 
                                                     2. Build 2 raised garden boxes in our yard
3. Get certified to teach zumba
5. Spend more weekends in the hammock with a good book
6. Girls weekend with my lovely ladies (Palm Springs!)
7. Lose 15 pounds
8. Run a 5K
9. Finish our backyard landscaping - more flowers!
11. Take a yoga class
13. Cut bangs
17. Cabin weekend in north georgia

In order to celebrate a new decade, new chapter, and more grey hairs, I figured I'd make a list of 30 things that I'd like to do by the time I'm 31.

So here are my aspirations for the first year of my 30's:
1. Surfing getaway weekend
2. Simply my life and get rid of unnecessary material items
3. Send more handwritten letters and care packages to my favorites
4. Ride my bicycle more often
5. More random acts of kindness (at least once a month)
6. Volunteer my time more for others
7. Spend the day in the park (picnic and kite flying included)
8. Swim as much as possible - in rivers, lakes, beaches, cliff jump, etc.
9. Host a summer BBQ for friends
10. Learn to do a handstand or the split
11. Dates with my parents (together and solo)
12. Travel to Europe (!)
13. Dance in the rain (or preferably go skinny dipping)
14. Add more color to my life (inside and outside the home)
15. Bake a cake (or cupcakes) for the folks at work who make my job brighter and easier
16. Learn the Charleston and go to at least 1 swing night event
17. Travel to Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossom trees
18. Learn Spanish and practice/ improve my French
19. Weekend camping trips (at least 2)
20. Grow my Etsy site (i.e., make more handmade stuff)
21. Get out during the week at least 2x a month (more concerts, dates, art shows, and baseball games)
22. Sponsor a child abroad
23. Plan a girls' brunch
24. Take a kickboxing class
25. Take more photos (one per day at minimum)
26. Practice and play the ukelele more often (in order to record and post a video on the blog)
27. Go out dancing with my ladies
28. Run a 10K race
29. Do a boudoir photo shoot (because why not?)
30. Do something that scares me...and have fun figuring out what that thing is! 
In the spirit of #30, posting a picture of me in a bikini is a start! Eek!
Now it's time to go enjoy some champagne and a piece of cake, because calories don't count on your birthday, right? ;)


  1. I LOVE this list (especially #12 and 28!), and I love you! And you are rocking that bikini. 30 looks amazing on you!! xoxo

  2. Thanks! I want to see your list before your birthday! As always, thanks for being my best friend and keeping me so inspired. You rock! xo <3


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