Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

 This past week and weekend was so much fun (and busy)! Although technically these first few photos are from last Tuesday, I wanted to share them anyways. We went out to Book House Pub for their Tiki Tuesday. It's awesome, because you get to keep whatever cup they serve your drink in so I have a fu manchu mug now. Pretty awesome, eh? I also got to spend more time with Kelly, Johnny, and Ray so it was a blast. 
 On Friday for lunch at work, we went to Sweet Auburn Market. I got a Rawesome Remix salad (with tahini dressing) and Superfood smoothie from Rawesome Juicery. It was amazing! Isn't Khelia the cutest? :)

Friday night, per usual, I went to my favorite Zumba Toning class and kicked butt. It's the best way to start my weekend - feeling strong and energized!

For dinner, we grilled out veggie burgers, grilled squash, onions, and peppers, and corn-on-the-cob on the back porch. YUM.
Saturday was really busy. I woke up for my 8 AM Zumba class, came home and we walked Townes for 1.5 hours. I laid out on the back deck for a while since it was so hot outside - could have used some water for sure! After a while, J left for Denver, and I watched a movie ("Chasing Mavericks") before deciding to mow the lawn. Although I finished the whole yard, it took a lot longer than usual and I may have almost passed out a few times from being hot and exhausted! Oops!

Afterwards, I took a shower and then drove to Czar Ice Bar in Buckhead to meet Kelly, Jess, and Heather for a girls' night out. The service was horrible, but the sushi was amazing. I had the veggie roll and avocado roll - it was all really good.
 After dinner, we tried to go to Prohibition Bar, because we had heard great things. In order to get in, you have to use the red phone booth with a password; however, there was a wait on Saturday night and then the door guy was a bit sketchy. By the time we got in, we were pretty over the whole experience. Plus the inside was not very cool and had a lot of cigar smoke. Oh well! We ended the night at some bar with live music before calling it a night. Thank goodness for lovely company, because Buckhead was a bust (which was somewhat expected). Lesson learned! I'm so sad that Kelly has gone back to Las Vegas - I am so lucky to have such an amazingly beautiful, smart, and funny woman like Kel in my life. She means the world to me!

On Sunday, (after sleeping in a bit ;)) I took Townes on an hour hike before the day got too hot. We spent a lot of time in the woods and Townes spent a lot of time in the river. Always a great way to start the day...
 I enjoyed the afternoon on the back deck with a book and ate the cutest cantaloupe ever (it was the size of a grapefruit and so sweet)!

My mom, my aunts, and my lovely cousin, Taylor, all came over around lunch time for a girls' day. We went to lunch and then walked around downtown Decatur. I ended up with this AWESOME LBD. It is made of the softest material and is possibly my new favorite! 
 It's so great being able to just sit around and talk with the ladies in my family. Thanks to the 3 matriarchs in our family, we are a big family of strong women. Women definitely make the world go round!

 This week will be pretty busy since I leave for France and Germany the following week! I can't believe it's almost August - this summer has been a whirlwind.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. You are the most photogenic woman on the planet!!! Love the pictures of you and your family. And we'll have to find a good place for you to wear that LBD in Paris!! xoxo

    1. You are the sweetest and just made my day! Naturally, like everyone, I tend to be most critical of myself - go figure. I can't wait to be in pics with Paris! The city better start getting ready now :) Girl - you read my mind about the dress! :) xo


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