Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fair and Honest Appraisal

Last year while I was in Los Angeles, California for work at the annual E3 gaming convention. I went to the Nexon and Riot Games party (my company always sponsors the event) and they had the Bumpy's there! 

I had read about them previously, but it's hard to really understand the full experience without experiencing it. Gill + Jill were set up at a table with their typewriters in full disguise (wigs, sunglasses, bandana, etc.). I got my appraisal done by Gill and it consisted of him shining a light on me (since it was dark in the night club) and then writing his first impression. 

I had no idea what to expect and wondered if it was somehow rigged since they don't talk to you at all. Gill's "fair and honest" appraisal of me made my night (despite the assumption that I partake in a lot of "local greenery"...haha). It was a really fun conversation starter and I definitely recommend going to see the Bumpy's if you ever have the chance!
"Those pants are boss, young lady. Something designed in a dream by a Native American chieftain after many hours in the steam house. You're a desert dweller. A trip to Joshua Tree to "clear" your mind is a twice a year pilgrimage for you. There you've been known to...how should I say, partake in the local greenery. Journey of the mind is the ultimate vacation, and you're a true Burning Man's child. You are open minded, accepting, and celebratory of all aspects of life. It's truly a beautiful thing. You're definitely the person to get lost in the desert with. Overall rating: 9.4"

 I'm okay if the first impression people get of me is that I'm open minded and celebratory of life.
Pretty awesome, isn't it? :)


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