Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekly Tiny Home: Portland Rustic Modern Rental

This week's tiny home is a rental unit in Portland, OR. Since eventually I'd like to own a tiny home, I think it's awesome finding rentals, because they help to figure out which layouts and features are best-suited for you. Big perks include lots of light (windows) and wood-burning fireplaces/ stoves. 
I like these double doors, but would prefer them to be french doors so you could open up both doors for more of an open air feel. 
For being a tiny home, this bathroom actually has a good bit of room and all of the essentials (i.e., bathtub)!
My favorite part of this home is actually the staircase. The reason I prefer the staircase over the loft ladder is purely because of my dog, Townes, and my parents. With a tiny home, I'd want your friends and family to also enjoy the home so it needs to be easily accessible. The kitchen is also great with the counter space and bar stools. 
What are some must-have features for you in a tiny home?
Check out more about this home and rent it here!


  1. God, how cute! I have been daydreaming about Portland a LOT lately!

    1. Have you?? Think the California girl in you could do that much rain? :)

  2. I think for the PNW I could :) And at least SB would just be a short plane ride away!


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