Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paris Countdown: 1 Week!

France Getaway
 I can't believe that I'll be leaving for Paris, France in exactly 1 week! 
Lily has already been sending me places and pictures that we should visit while I'm in Paris. I'm so excited to just walk around the city with my best friend and take in the architecture, lovely people, and amazing food (and wine)!

I've already been thinking about what I want to pack for my French Getaway and here are some of the items I'm thinking of for nights out...sadly I don't own all of these items, but it's a fun wish list regardless! I'll obviously be sporting my vans, jeans/ shorts, and tank tops for most of the trip, but it's always fun to dress up a bit, n'est pas?

Any items you'd recommend bringing to Paris? Also, I'd love any recommended places or restaurants!


  1. ONE WEEK!!! I can hardly believe it!! I love all those items, being in Paris really does make you want to look good all the time. Everybody just looks so chic. You're going to fit right in :)

    1. I can't believe it either - I feel like someone should pinch me to make sure it's real! I have to look chic to keep up with you! <3 xoxo

    2. haha yeah right, I only have two shirts to wear and I've worn them to death. I need to go shopping!


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