Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Tiny Home: West Virginia Shack

One of the best parts about tiny homes is that they do not greatly interfere with their surrounding natural settings. A huge house would take away from these beautiful rolling hills of West Virginia.

This week's tiny home is almost a mix between a full home and camping experience. Per the builder, "this fundamental shelter has no electricity. Oil lamps provide light. Heat is provided by a small wood stove, which is also used to heat water that is delivered to the “kitchen” sink by a gravity system." They use rain water, collected from the roof, for the outdoor shower. They don't mention any bathroom or show the kitchen, so I'd be interested in seeing more of this tiny home! 
 Although I'd like a little more room for a kitchen or guests, this tiny home is so lovely and cozy.
"The southeastern façade of the building is opened to a cantilevered wood deck with an overhead-acting aluminum and glass garage door. A removable canvas awning serves to shade the deck and extend the living space during wet weather. Small windows on the northwestern façade allow the mountain breezes to flow through the building, and allow occasional views of cows on the adjacent pasture." 
Sounds pretty magical to me!
Go here to check out more about this weekend getaway shack.
 Loving this fitting quote!


  1. What beautiful surroundings! I would not mind waking up to that view every morning. I have a feeling the bathroom might be in the great outdoors though...

    1. Haha - I was thinking the same thing! Hence the "camping" reference from the owners! :)


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