Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

 How cool is this street art that incorporates nature? The link has 30 different pieces from all over the world.

Interesting scientific research that describes how different colors make us feel. What color do you wear most? Ladies, watch out for red :)

These 9 quotes from John Muir are so inspirational and important to remember each day. 

Do you follow National Geographic's instagram? If not, you should! They have the coolest pictures from so many amazing travelers and photographers. 

The top 12 scenic countries to avoid reality. I've been to 3 out of 12. This picture of Scotland is pretty tempting! I'm noticing a weekly trend of these types of links on my blog. There's that constant wanderlust... :)

 Feeling very moved by this letter that Maya Angelou wrote to her younger self. It's such an important message, especially for young girls trying to grow up so quickly these days.

Lastly, this photo. No caption needed.

Happy Friday loves!
My best friend, Kelly, is in town from Las Vegas this weekend and I can't wait to have some fun girls time with her! Hoping that the weather cooperates since the weatherman is calling for rain.
Cross your fingers for sunshine!


  1. hmm I wear all greys and black... what does it mean??


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