Friday, July 18, 2014

My Week So Far

This week has been very peaceful around these parts. J's been out of town all week so I've been laying low and trying to really enjoy the quiet time. The weather for the past 2 days in ATL have been such a gift! It's almost felt like Fall, but with lots of sunshine and green trees! Lunch outside in the park has been a must.
Since it's just been me (well, and Townes), I made a huge kale salad to eat for lunch. The trick with raw kale for a salad is to remove all of the stems and then really massaging (I am aware that this sounds weird, by the way) the kale leaves while rinsing them under water. The longer you massage the kale, the more tender the leaves will be! I love adding dried cranberries, diced apple, and slivered almonds to summer kale salads. Annie's Goddess Lite dressing is my favorite for kale.

On Wednesday night, my friend Brett (who I've known since childhood) came over with his girlfriend, Rebecca. They were in town from Cincinnati, Ohio. I took them to Kudzu Antiques and then to Raging Burrito in Decatur for dinner. It was great getting to catch up since we hadn't seen each other in probably 8 years. I managed to get a picture with Brett, despite his lack of interest in photos!

After dinner, since the weather was perfect, I took Townes for a really long walk in our neighborhood. I felt really happy and grateful for my life and health. Joie de vivre!
 I think Townes was feeling the good energy too! He wanted to stop on a bench for a bit, so we did. Then he found a squeaky tennis ball (his all time favorite) and a nice, plush yard where he proceeded to roll around and play with the ball for 10+ minutes. I let him enjoy every second of it too.
  Townes deserved his play time, because he went to a new daycare yesterday (Wag A Lot Decatur) and got a great report card. Please note that he was "the best trial" that the trainer "had all year." Nailed it!

Last night, I fulfilled my first bridesmaid responsibility by addressing and stuffing save the dates (which I am talented at doing apparently). My best friend, Beth, is getting hitched in December so it's time to start cracking down on the planning (especially the bachelorette weekend *wink*)! She made a lovely vegetarian gnocci and we even had fresh peach cobbler from of the perks of Georgia summers.

I am so glad that it's Friday...stay tuned for my Friday favorites!


  1. What a lovely week! I should try massaging kale, I always just make a lemon vinaigrette and leave it on there for 30 minutes to an hour and the leaves soften up. I really want a kale salad now. Have a great weekend!! xoxo

    1. Not as lovely as yours! I can't wait to hear about your time with Kyle and Antje is Berlin!! I'm sure you guys had a great time (and I saw that "FoodieBerlin" liked your photo on instagram LOL). Definitely try the massage technique! We can try it in Paris :) Love you! PS - thanks for always being the only person who comments on my blog - it makes my day! xo


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