Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Is it really already Monday? This weekend flew by, despite being pretty laid back. 
I love finding little things on walks and last week I stumbled across this heart on the pavement. Proof that you can find love and inspiration anywhere!

My best friend is getting married in December and she finally decided on a bridesmaid dress so I had to go get fitted. I'm not totally ruining the surprise since this isn't the color, right? I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle - she's going to be the most beautiful bride!

 On Saturday, after the usual task of yard work, we headed to my in-laws' home to swim in the pool and BBQ. We had the most lovely weather and the dinner was incredible! My MIL is quite the cook - luckily for us! We enjoyed the back deck and some wine. :) We ended the night by watching the Coen Brother's movie, Inside Llewyn Davis. I didn't love the main character, but I really loved the soundtrack. 

On Sunday, we went to Atlantic Station for lunch before heading in for a couple's massage. The massage was awesome, but getting a massage early in the day feels a bit weird since you have to still function the rest of the day!

We ended the night at home, watching the World Cup final game and making a nice dinner.
Since our garden is thriving, we made the summer salad that I mentioned here and it was awesome. I switched out the zucchini for cucumber since we have so many cucumbers from our garden. My photo of the salad doesn't do it any justice, but take my word that it was really good!
Hope you all had a nice weekend! Happy Bastille Day (or La Fête Nationale) to all you French folks!

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