Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Tunes: Mastodon

This week's "Thursday Tunes" is a little different. I chose "A Commotion" by Mastodon, because while writing the recap for our 2013 PNW road trip, I came across this hilarious video from our Germany trip in 2012. The footage mixed with the music pretty much sums up what a fun trip it was and is a bit of a reminder of what it's like to be a girl traveling with 3 dudes...haha!

Although our friend Kyle made the video, Ken took most of the footage. I'm pretty sure there is another video out there somewhere...Kenny B?

Read more about our trip herehere, and here!

I'll also be going to Cologne, Germany on my upcoming Europe trip for a few days to attend Gamescom after leaving Paris. I'm so excited to be back in Germany! Counting down the days...

If you have any Cologne recommendations, let me know!

A BIG happy birthday to my lovely lady, Lily!
I can't wait to celebrate you in ONE WEEK with lots of wine and cheese! I love you to the moon and back...and thank you for being my biggest supporter/ only person who comments on my blog posts! Haha! I'm so thankful for that English class where I met you 11 years ago (however, I am not thankful for the girl who kept making me move when I tried sitting next to you in class though! Assigned seats!). You are such an inspiration and the most beautiful, down-to-earth person I know!


  1. when you are in cologne you have to visit the "heinzelmännchen-brunnen" >> << near the dome. there is a famous legend about the little people doing all the work while the lazy people of cologne sleeping at night. but one night the wife of the tailor caught the little people doing there work. they were very angry about the surprise and leave the town so the cologne people have to do their handcraft by themselves.

    and you have to drink atypical cologne beer called "kölsch" in an typical brewery for example the "hellers-brauhaus" >> << but beware!!! when you glass is empty and you won't drink another beer you have to put your beer coaster at the top of your glass. apart from that you get another beer an a mark on your coaster how much you had drunk. and so on as long as you don't put the coaster on teh top of your glass. :D PROST!!!

    1. Hannes! Thank you so much for these suggestions! I will definitely check out the "heinzelmännchen-brunne" since I'm staying right by the Dom. Also, your advice about the coaster is well needed since I'm a light weight! Wish I had more time in Germany and could come visit you, Anne, and Mika! Hopefully next time! Prost and all my love! xo

  2. Nicole, thank you so much!! As I lay here sick in bed, reading this made my day that much better!!! I can't WAIT to see you and show you a good time in Paris! Love you lots xoxoxo

    1. Aww honey! I hate that you're sick! At least I know Jeremy is taking good care of you! Counting down the days!!! 6.5 days my love! xo


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