Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Surprise 30th Birthday Dinner

It's funny how there are so many mixed emotions about turning 30. Some people avoid it like the plague and will tell people they are 29 for as long as they can get away with it and then some people just embrace getting older. One of my favorite messages yesterday simply said "Happy 30th birthday. It's not that bad" - haha! I will say that for me personally, I feel like I am in the latter group. It's kind of hard not to though when your first day of your 30's is as magical as mine was.

I had such an outpouring of love directed my way yesterday and it really made me feel so lucky. The emails, texts, call, and Facebook posts were so numerous! I tried my best to respond to each one individually since they were all so sweet! My wonderful coworkers (let's be honest, they are truly friends) took me out to a great lunch at Alma Cocina (fried avocado tacos for the win!) and I even got some amazingly beautiful flowers sent to me at work. Definitely felt so much love and had the biggest smile!
 Once I got home, I knew we had plans for dinner around 6:30 PM so being the insane person that I am apparently, I came home and decide to mow the lawn and walk the dog before getting ready. You have to get in your daily sweat, right? Anyways, apparently it kind of threw J for a loop since he had planned a surprise dinner...oops!

I honestly thought it was going to be a laid back night, but then as I was getting ready I started to get oddly suspicious because J needed to run an "errand" and he was running around a bit before we had to leave.

We ended up at Raging Burrito (not surprisingly), and sure enough the side room was filled with so many of my favorite people (family and friends)! The joke is that I made a comment to J as we were walking through downtown Decatur that surely he wasn't doing the exact same thing I did for his 30th, but insanely, he did. Proof here. Haha.

It meant so much to me to see so many lovely faces! There are so many pictures from last night that I'm going to share, but it's kind of weird because I'm in all of them (cringe). Apparently people want to take pictures with you on your birthday! ;)

 I love these pics of my best friend Beth and me. Pretty typical!

 My sweet husband who worked really hard on coordinating the surprise. It was awesome that he was working on getting everyone there 2 months ago! He went out of his way to make sure that my birthday was a happy and memorable one...he definitely succeeded! ♥
 My lovely ladies Anna and Elizabeth!

My awesome family all drove out for a Tuesday night so it was really special! 
My amazingly sweet sister of 2 of my nieces (Brittany - we missed you)!
Natalie is so cute! I can't believe how quickly she's growing up (sighs) but she's my kindred spirit...obviously.
My beautiful sister-in-law Lauren and my lovely friend Shayda! 
My uncle Darwin cracks me up! Him and my aunt Sandy fill my heart with so much happiness!
My cousin Jessica who gave me the sweetest card I've ever received. She has been my best friend for my whole life and I couldn't be luckier. She is the most beautiful woman I know (inside + out). Seeing her face made my night! I can't wait for our double date.♥
 My sweet parents! 
My poor mom had the hardest time keeping the surprise a secret apparently, but she did it! I'm so fortunate to have all of their love and support (and their gene pools :))!

My dearest Elizabeth drove all of the way from Athens to spend the evening with me! It was the BEST surprise! I had missed her so much and can't wait to have a girls' night with her!


J bringing out the cake (from Dough Bakery)! I survived everyone singing to me shockingly...although the nervous giggle was in full effect! That cake was the bane of his existence!
 The boys!
 My lovely gang! I wish this photo wasn't blurry. Missing Shayda + Lockett! My life is so enriched by these beautiful people. I know some of my favorites couldn't make it, but they were still there in spirit.
Doug is still mourning the USA World Cup loss here. Haha!
My dear friends. Their love and beauty radiates all around them!
My first day of my 30's was definitely one for the books. 
The thoughtful gestures and kind messages that people sent my way made me feel so loved and thankful. So thank you to everyone who made my day so meant the world to me!
Tonight we're heading to the beach for the long holiday weekend. J surprised me with a road trip to Cocoa Beach, FL so it should be a blast! Hopefully the weather (and Hurricane Arthur) will cooperate.


  1. How fun! Wish I could have been there. And that dress is incredible!

    1. You were definitely missed! We'll have to have a birthday celebration for both of our birthdays come August. :)

      PS - TJ Maxx for the win!


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