Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Northwest Nostalgia

Last Summer, we did a road trip in the Pacific Northwest. Since we're all getting older, we figured we needed a solid adventure getaway with our closest friends before life got more complicated (i.e., babies for Victor and Anna :)) We all met up in Portland, OR to meet up with Ken to start the epic road trip.

Since I wasn't actively blogging at this time last year, I wanted to share some photos and this AWESOME VIDEO that Victor made from our adventure! Hope you enjoy it!

The five of us (Anna, Victor, Ken, Jason, and me) went camping at Ruby Beach and Olympic National Forest, hiked in the Hoh Rainforest, looked out over Hurricane Ridge, ferried across from Bainbridge Island to Seattle, slept on a sailboat, celebrated my 29th birthday by sailing in Elliott Bay with my best friend, Sasha, toured Sub Pop records, napped in many parks, hiked in the snow (in July!) on Mt. Rainier, marveled at the Grove of the Patriarchs, explored the Columbia River Gorge, swam in hot springs, played vintage arcade games at Ground Kontrol, ate at the Portland food trucks and Voodoo Donuts, drank beers at Deschutes Brewery, read books at the largest independent book store in the world, Powell's, had so many laughs, and made lifelong memories.

Just a few thoughts: there are a lot of fish eye lens photos below and it's so weird seeing myself with long hair! Crazy! :)
I remember taking this on the morning of my 29th birthday before anyone at the campsite was awake. It was a pretty incredible way to start my last year of my 20's...
Matching mates!
The Armadillo
 Pretty amazing, isn't it? If you haven't been to the PNW, I'd suggest you go as soon as possible!


  1. Love these pics! Especially the one of you and Jason on the boat :)

    1. Aww thanks! It's weird seeing these, because I feel like I look like a different person! xo


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