Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Importance of Self Care

I recently came across this photo and it really got me thinking...

As I get older, I find myself putting a lot more effort into taking care of myself. Those nights of going to bed wearing makeup or not putting on moisturizer are things of the past. Socially, I try very hard not to be closed off to people and judge them without taking the time to walk in their shoes (or at least smile and say hello). I also make an effort into saying "yes" to more awesome things and "no" to things that I don't want to be a part of.

Like everyone else, I spend most of my time aiming to "be happy" or talking about ways to achieve that fulfilled-feeling; however, I think I prefer the idea of "self care" more than happiness.

Here's why...taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, really opens you up to feeling more positive and then spreading the love and good energy, don't you think? With self care, there are still good days and bad days, but there's more of an idea of forgiveness and growth. When talking about happiness, it feels more concrete (i.e., you either are happy or you're not) so maintaining seems a bit more difficult. 

When times get tough, I always notice that the first thing that I let suffer is taking care of myself: I may not work out as much, socialize with friends/ family as often, do things I love, or treat myself (with flowers or a long walk in the woods :)). When I am in a good place, I make the extra effort to make others smile, I dance (as much as possible), I'm more patient and calm, I prioritize volunteering (like giving blood today, for instance!), I take pleasure in the simple things by being truly present in the moment, and I really grow personally. When I'm focusing on nurturing myself, I am typically more cognizant of my body and more gentle in my opinion of myself. In turn, I become very aware of those around me and their battles; therefore, I try to be more caring and engaged.

I hope you spend a little time today focusing on yourself and caring for your body and mind; more so, I hope you pay it forward and find ways to slow down and really appreciate each breath and those you love.



  1. Love this! I have been trying to slow down too and really take in all of my surroundings. I can't wait to walk around and get lost with you in just a couple weeks!!

    1. It will be the stuff dreams are made of! But who are we kidding - that's been your every day since you left! It will be so magical...<3


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