Monday, July 7, 2014

Vacation Recap Part 1: St. Augustine, FL

We just got back from a long weekend in Florida and it was a blast. I would have loved to have stayed a bit longer so that there could have been more downtime for reading, renting bikes, and surfing, but sadly work calls...

We left Wednesday after work and headed to St. Augustine, FL...the oldest city in the United States. We arrived pretty late and stayed at the Casa Monica which was such a beautiful hotel. It was also nice because they allow dogs (for the record, we now know that Townes is not a big fan of elevators). 

Typical road trip view...he gets the whole back seat to himself - quite the hard life, huh? 
 The beautiful room at Casa Monica.
 We walked Townes around the courtyards and waterfront the first night. Pretty magical. We stopped back by the hotel bar for a night cap and ended up meeting this great couple from Birmingham. The husband is an environmental lawyer who specializes in helping the little guys go up against Monsanto and other toxic companies. We had a nice, long talk with him and he even graciously bought our drinks. Great first night!
 The next morning, we headed to The Yard Bird Cafe for some great breakfast burritos with avocado. YUM! The cafe was so awesome inside with great antique pieces - definitely recommended if you're ever in St.Augustine!
 We decided to walk around the Castillo de San Marcos fort and St. George Street before heading to Cocoa Beach. We had great weather and even let Townes go on the shoreline to hunt for crabs.
 There are the cutest boutiques along the pedestrian-only St. George Street. I found some silver, copper, and gold hexagon great rings (as seen on my finger in the picture of me below) and an awesome necklace.

We each had a beer at an awesome bar before hitting the road. The bartender was awesome and super friendly. He even surfed and told us some great local spots, but we were already heading to Cocoa Beach for part 2 of our adventure! Stay tuned...
PS - check out this adorable video of Townes tracking all the small crabs on the beach! 


  1. Hey girl! I just loved reading about your trip, of course... you know I live vicariously through you because of these posts. (LOL!)
    I did try to watch the video of Towns, however I was unsuccessful (probably because my computer and I don't exactly see eye to eye these days).
    St. Augustine is one of my favorite places to go such beauty and lots of history there of course.
    Did you guys have an opportunity to visit the Light House? We did when we went to visit Adam and Jamie and luckily I was able to make the terrifying narrow staircase climb to the top. Once up there it was well worth the climb.
    Can't wait for the next instillation on your trip! So happy that you had an awesome end to your 30th Birthday celebration. (30 isn't so bad!!!)

    1. Thanks Tonya! We didn't get to see the light house, but good reason to go back! Thanks for celebrating with me and missed y'all this weekend! xo

  2. I love how you make friends wherever you go :) Looks so fun!

    1. Haha - too funny. Too bad sometimes I meet bizarre people, but it gives me good stories I suppose! xo


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