Monday, June 23, 2014

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

I'm in Texas (the land of steaks) for work pretty frequently. Typically it's a quick trip (a day trip even), but this time I spent about 2-3 days in Texas for various retailer meetings. My coworker used to live in Texas so he was a great travel guide for the rest of our group.

On our first day, we ate an amazing Tex-Mex lunch before our meetings in Fort Worth. After our meetings, we headed to the Stockyards since 3 of us had never been before. I have to say, it was pretty close to what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it. Our first stop was to Fincher's where 2 of the guys bought authentic cowboy hats (they even used a steamer to shape the rims) and I bought an awesome belt to match my boots. The store gave us some free Lone Star beers and we walked the strip (you can drink outside there like in New Orleans)!
Afterwards, we went to the White Elephant saloon to watch the USA/ Ghana World Cup game. Great game, company, and nachos!

To end the night, we headed into downtown Fort Worth to eat at Razzoo's (per our coworker's request). Cajun food isn't the most vegetarian-friendly so they made me a fried pickle po boy! It was at my request and I think that it should go on the menu (and that I should get credit)! The sandwich was really good, but too much fried food! Ugh...However, the huge mason jar watermelon mix drink was pretty awesome. I look about as happy as I felt! :)
 On the last night, after an amazing dinner at Winewood in Grapevine, TX (we had the coolest waiter ever), we went to this dive bar and played table shuffleboard and fuse ball. Despite the fact that they assumed I'd be the worst player, I was totally MVP and killed it! It's great to work with people who are awesome people and so fun. However, they are bad influences with a midnight run to Whataburger! YUM! I was in detox for the rest of the week! :)


  1. I didn't realize you could drink publicly in Forth Worth! We're enjoying lots of drinks on the streets here in Europe; it's so free! Great pictures as always. Miss you! xoxo

    1. It is insane how freeing it feels! As usual, what feels like a luxury to us is a standard in Europe! They do it all the right way, huh? I miss you too! And for the record, my pictures are not even close to yours. I love you! xo


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