Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

As if I needed more proof that I belong in Costa Rica. This surf hut looks amazing. Meet me there?

Scientific reasons that a beach trip is good for your health. Nothing I didn't already know, but any good excuse to get to the beach works for me.

This list is incredible: 25 of the most dangerous and unusual journeys to get to school. It's amazing how far some children around the world have to travel to get an education. Due to natural disasters and lack of money, many children aren't able to find easy, safe routes. Really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

I love this shower
The tile mixed with the brass fixture is a lovely combination. May be time for a bathroom renovation. :)

Radiohead just released new music on their app! Hopefully this is a sign of how all of their new tracks will release.

Great video for any water-loving dog owner!
I can totally relate to this dog. GET ME TO THE WATER! 

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