Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wise Words

This is such a powerful quote.

After going to volunteer orientation for Stand Up For Kids last weekend, it's got me feeling very fortunate. Fortunate to have had a fair shot for a happy life - a loving family, a great education, a successful career, and supportive friends. Sadly, not everyone is as lucky.

SUFK is a non-profit that provide life-saving and outreach services to homeless, street kids and at-risk youth. They have a few different programs: school mentor-ship, street outreach, and a center available 2 days/ week that provides basic necessities, food, hygiene, showers, medical help, resources, and mentor-ship to homeless kids. They are still very a very grassroots charity and I love that 95% of their donations go straight back to the kids (and is not spent on high salaries). My awesome, inspiring friend Jennifer works at SUFK and I'm so happy that she asked me to get involved! 

I'm going to be paired with an at-risk high school student (we will meet 2x/ month) and I'm also going to try to volunteer at the center on Wednesday nights.

It feels great to give my time to such a worthy's just a shame that any child has to live on the streets and worry about shelter and survival.

If you'd like more details or want to get involved, I can help point you in the right direction!

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