Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: Labor Day Edition

Happy September, folks!
It's crazy that the long Labor Day weekend has already come and gone.
The good news is that this past weekend was really peaceful and filled with lots of wine.

 I managed to take it easy on Friday with some ukelele practice time on the back deck. It felt so good to strum the strings again and clear my mind a bit. I had to brush up on my favorite song, naturally.

Saturday was really busy! The day started with an 8 AM Zumba class and then took Townes on a nice long walk. We brought a tennis ball with him to play with in the water and let him off the leash. He did so good and minded so well! He played for over an hour just splashing around in the water with his ball. Although he was a filthy mess afterwards, we all had so much fun!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Yonah Mountain Vineyards for their Crush Fest. It was a lot of fun and they had some special wines made for the event, but the downside was that it was pretty crowded.
The views of Yonah Mountain and Pink Mountain in Cleveland, GA from the winery were pretty amazing.
 With the price of admission ($30), you got 4 wine tasting samples. Afterwards, they were only selling by the bottle so we all chipped in a got the group favorite, Malbec, to share. I kept going to the same girl who kept pouring VERY heavy-handed "tastes" so needless to say, I was pretty "happy" by the end of the day!

Group shot!
Three sheets to the wind...
 We ended the evening with dinner in downtown Helen at Cafe International (only dog-friendly place) and thankfully finished just before a huge thunderstorm hit!

On Sunday, the morning started with another long hike in the woods and creek.
 After cleaning the house and working in the yard, it was time to make good on the Ice Bucket nomination that I received from my friend, Laura. I figured I'd have the water dumped over my head while in the garden so that the water wasn't wasted...I even considered using water from our rain barrel, but it was pretty nasty. You can check out the video on my FB page.
 Sunday night we treated J's mom to dinner (and a bottle of wine) at Provino's and ate way too much, but enjoyed every second. YUM!

 Lastly, on Monday, we decided to stick with the trend of being with Townes in water so we tried to find a dog-friendly beach at Lake Lanier. Turns out they don't exist which is pretty ridiculous, but we ended up at Bolding Mill campground and its boat ramp and lousy concrete beach. At least there was some grass and shade for a picnic. I did also befriend a 4 year old, Annabelle, who made my day. She insisted on walking Townes (he was so patient and good with her) and she was quite the comedian. She had me laughing the whole time!
 Townes and me ♥
 We decided to grill out (with Summer coming to an end, you've got to take advantage of the warm evenings while possible) when we got home. We made veggie burgers, corn, baked beans, and too many grilled veggies (peppers, shitake mushrooms, squash, zucchini, and onions). After dinner, Townes and I hung out on the couch for a bit catching up on some light reading. He's always right by my side! ;)

Wow - that was a lengthy post and picture overload, but sometimes that happens! 

This week is a crazy busy, but looking forward to this weekend!
 The Beltline Lantern Parade is Saturday and then I'm off to Anaheim, CA a work conference. I get to spend some time on the beach and I'm over the moon about it!


  1. This looks like a great time! So much outdoor fun :)

    Im the same as you- completely chok a block this week but then travelling on friday so excited about that !

    1. Thanks dear! Where are you headed? I am so jealous that you're in Scotland! Are you from there originally?


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